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World Religions DANTES Practice Test

1) This religious orientation desires a union with a reality greater than oneself.

A) Mystical
B) Communal
C) Prophetic
D) Apocalyptic

2) Sikhs and Hindus share which belief system?

A) Polytheism
B) Living gurus
C) Reincarnation
D) Caste systems

3) During the Roman Empire, which community of Jews fled to the wilderness due to apocalyptic visions?

A) Christians
B) Sadducees
C) Essenes
D) Zealots

4) In the 19th Century, which movement believed that the source of understanding came from emotion or intuition rather than reason?

A) Enlightenment
B) Romanticism
C) Judaism
D) Revivalism

5) Which of these is not the name of a main type of Shinto shrine

A) Shrines of local significance that house the kami of the locality
B) Inari Shrines
C) Izumo Shrines
D) Haiden

6) What are Jews in Spain called?

A) Sephardi Jews
B) Shekina Jews
C) Amoraim Jews
D) None of the above

7) What was the first sect to embrace Zionism?

A) Tradition
B) Orthodox
C) Reconstructionalist
D) All embraced it equally

8) Who is the founder of Sikhism?

A) Angad
B) Nanak
C) Kartarpur
D) Kabir

9) Muhammad believed that the highest point of jihad is

A) The Holy War to spread Islam across the world
B) The struggle over one’s wealth
C) The striving for good by studying Islam and the sciences
D) The striving of the soul for purification

10) This is the term for the Sikh sect that focuses on asceticism

A) Udasis
B) Singhs
C) Nirankari
D) Sunni


DSST Practice Test Answer Key:

  1. A:) Mystical.
  2. C:) Reincarnation.
  3. C:) Essenes.
  4. B:) Romanticism.
  5. D:) Haiden.
  6. A:) Sephardi Jews. Sephardi is essentially translated as Spain.
  7. B:) Orthodox. The Orthodox Jews were the first to embrace Zionism.
  8. B:) Nanak. Nanak received a vision from God after which he began to preach.
  9. D:) The striving of the soul for purification.
  10. C:) Nirankari.